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Country Roads

Straight from the country roads in Kansas.  These adorable cows are inviting you to stop and stay a while.  A joy to paint on a stretched canvas or any surface. 

The packet includes a full size pattern, complete painting instructions, and 8 colored photos.

Posey Peddler

Those were the good old days. Flowers delivered to your door! Paint a quaint reminder of quieter days.

The packet includes a full size pattern, complete instructions, and 22 colored photos.

Bringle Mop Brush Series 1520

This mop is great for softening floated paint and retarded paint.

One size fits all.

Bringle Oval Blender Series 1440

This is a wonderful brush for wet into wet pat blending. I've been using it for many blended techniques and it will create beautiful clean edges especially on rounded elements. Also very nice for dry brushing.

Available in 5 sizes.

Bringle Flat Blender Series 1460
I use this blender to paint many elements from mountains to trees, to ladies' dresses. It does a great job blending, stroking, and dry brushing.

Available in 5 sizes.

Scharff 105 Classic Spotter #4

Perfect for detail work and small elements.  This brush is much like the #4 Round Bringle Blender, but has a very sharp point that makes it perfect for detail and tiny places.  A "Must Have" brush!



Bringle Round Blender Series 1450
This is the basic blender I use for my blended and stippled techniques. You just can't paint the Ronnie Bringle techniques without them.

Available in 7 sizes.


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