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Ronnie Bringle - Country Friends

Ronnie Bringle
Ronnie Bringle's love affair with Decorative Painting began nearly 44 years ago when she visited a friend and saw her work. Ronnie knew immediately it was something she wanted to do, and signed up that day for a class in "Tole Painting" using oil paints. She says "In those days we didn't even have pattern books, and we had to send away for our brushes. I remember having to drive from the suburbs to downtown Portland, Oregon to buy supplies - a very scary thing!"

A move from Oregon to Washington just 4 months later took her out of that class and put her in an area where there were no teachers. But by then she was "hooked" on painting, so she decided if she couldn't be in a class - she would teach one instead. Ronnie spent most of her time trying to keep up with the students and found that teaching forced her to research and practice constantly. She credits her students with teaching her most of what she knows.

Ronnie added acrylic painting in 1978 and finally dropped the oils to concentrate on perfecting her skills with the Jo Sonja Acrylic Gouache in 1985. She says she misses the oils, but feels more confident because of the additional time spent practicing with the Acrylics. She has been painting and teaching exclusively with the Jo Sonja Acrylics since 1985.

Ronnie has taught in a wide variety of settings including College Extension Programs, Adult Education Programs, The Department of Parks and Recreation, Tole Shops, Craft Shops, and in her home studios in Oregon, Washington, and Kansas. She has also taught at many mini conventions as well as the SDP National Conventions. For 23 years she has been teaching painting seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Ronnie and her family resided in the Pacific Northwest until their move to Kansas in 1991. Her husband of 49 years, Jerry, is retired and spends his time working with her producing Country Friends Pattern Packets and organizing painting seminars. Their oldest daughter, Holly, is married with seven children, and lives in Tampa, FL. Their second daughter, Joy and three children live in Vancouver, WA and their son Jason lives in Portland, OR with his wife and their son.

About her painting, Ronnie says "I like to paint things that make me feel good. Also designs that help me to remember the good times, and remind me what family is all about. I also like my work to portray how fortunate we are to live in a free country". She has labeled her style of painting "Ameri-Country". She also says her favorite part of painting is teaching. "I think it is a great privilege to help other people find their own creativity and to watch their joy grow with each step". She says "God has given me a gift which can only be enjoyed when it is opened and shared with others. I hope I have been faithful in sharing that gift and spreading the painting joy"!

You can read information about seminars, books, videos, packets, brushes, or Ronnie’s “Paint Pal” wet palette on Ronnie’s website at Or you can write or call Ronnie at: 1251 Battersea Ave,
Spring Hill, FL 34609, phone 620-870-9093 and email .

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