Time for me to post some photos of what I’ve been painting for the last year.  Yes – I have been painting – just not doing a lot of designing for pattern packets.

I am definitely in a learning mode right now and I’m enjoying experimenting with new things.

I switched from Jo Sonja Acrylics to Golden Open Acrylics a few years ago.  After experimenting with the Open paint for a few years I decided to try the Golden Heavy Body.  I think I found my sweet spot.
I’ve been using the Heavy Body for most of my painting and if I need to add final tints and glazes for the finishing touches I’ve been using the Golden Open.  This system seems to be working well for me.
I am really enjoying the painting I’m doing now.

You haven’t seen me paint very many flowers, but I enjoyed painting this one along with the water and the glass.
The rose is cut from the bush just outside our front door.   I set up the still life and then took photos to work from.  After trying the draped background I decided I like the simple background better.










I’ve had this old frame for many years, looking for the right thing to put in it.  The sheep by the stream seemed to work just right.
For my reference I used a photo from a website for painters called “Paint My Photo”, where you can find many photos submitted by people from all over.  These photos can be used by painters and are copyright free.  It’s a nice resource for finding lots of different things and scenes to paint.  Check it out here
If you join, you can post your own photos and also the paintings you do from the photos.

The last one for today is a portrait of my daughter, Joy.  Trying to capture that “certain” look of your loved one can be a real challenge.  This one took me quite a while with lots of tweaks and corrections.  But I loved the challenge










Then I tried it again and kept this one for myself

That’s all I’ve got for now.

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More Stuff

I think I told you about our little painting group here that gets together once a month to offer a challenge.
Well…………this month was a doozy!  The challenge was to paint a non subject abstract and a subjective abstract – small!!  Just 14 inches total for each one.  My Decorative Painting struggled to swim to the top but I still had fun with it.

Then there is my second love – Paper Crafting.  So today several friends and I went to the most awesome scrapping store -“Scraporium” for a field trip.  After spending 3 1/2 hours in the store we finally made it to lunch.

How many of you love to paper craft or scrapbook?  It’s a very satisfying hobby and very creative so I always have to choose between my two favorite things to do.
I’m planning to post some of my paper projects on my website very soon.  I’ll let you know.
And more paintings coming up!



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New Neighbors

What do you call multiple painters ?
A Bunch?  A Group?  A Pod?  A Class?  A Gathering?
Maybe a Treat,  a Clutch,  a  Beauty, or a Convention.
But not a Herd!

What ever you call them, these Pinellas Decorative Painter ladies in Largo, Florida were wonderful!

And we had a great time painting the rooster in the window.  It felt so good to rub elbows again with my soul mates.

The hospitality and the food were exceptional.  And they are just “down the road” from me, so I hope to see them again in the future.

Keep those brushes busy!






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All Is Well……For Now

Thank you!  to all the kind, concerned people who have asked if we are okay after Irma hit Florida.

Yes, we are okay!  We did not have any flooding or damage to the house and we are thanking God for His protection once again.

I was visiting family in Oregon and Washington when Irma decided to visit, so HD had to fend for himself.  Needless to say, he was very concerned – spelled… “terrified” – but he pulled through with securing our home and “stuff”.

Now it looks like maybe we’re not finished yet.  With Maria bearing down on us we are watching the weather channel closely to see if we will get it again.  As always, we are in God’s hands.

I hope your world is painted beautiful!

God Bless

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Here I Am Again!

Did you ever notice how fast time flies?  Well, of course you did!
Like for instance———–
How is it spring already when I only just put all my summer clothes and swim suit away?
How is it that my daughter just turned 50 when I’m still 50?
How has it been 2 months since I cleaned my house?
How has it been a year since my last mamo?
How did I get so old?
Where did last week go? Or last month? Or last year?
And – how has it been 6 months since I published my last blog post?

I THINK of it almost every day.  I WANT to write something.  I tell myself I’m GOING to write something.  But then………….

  1.  I’m too tired
  2. I don’t have anything new to talk about
  3. I have an appointment………somewhere
  4. My life is boring
  5. I’ll do it first thing in the morning
  6. I’ll do it in the evening
  7. I’ll do it when I finish this____(fill in the blank)
  8. HD wants to go “do something”
  9. The kids call
  10. The beach calls

Enough excuses!!!  How have you all been??!!  I’ve missed hearing from you!
So here I am.  Maybe with something interesting – maybe not.

I’ve been painting.  A few portraits and some other things too.  I joined a small group of artists and we meet once a month in each other’s homes to share and paint together.  Each month the hostess offers a challenge for us to work on during the month if we want to and then bring it the next month.  Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes not so much.

One challenge was to paint a wild animal.  So I thought I would try some watercolor effects just using the Golden Open.  I wasn’t totally unhappy with him.  But you can probably tell watercolor is not my “thing”.

One challenge was to paint leaves.  Epic failure!!  But I’m not going to let it get the better of me.  I’ll work on it some more but I’m not showing that picture until I can show you a picture after I fix/finish it.

One of our challenges was to paint from life.  We did a still life using items from around my house.  It took me a while but I finally finished it.  I rather like it!

I recently went to a mixed media workshop taught by a well known artist, Christine Peloquin.  She has been published a couple of times in the  Somerset magazines and does beautiful work!  We collaged backgrounds with fabrics and paper then painted whatever we wanted.  Lots of fun.  I think I might do another one sometime.

One more workshop I did was Palette Knife painting!  Can you imagine?!  ME?!  But it was so much fun.  I learned a lot and maybe I can use it in some of my “other” painting.

So that’s it for now.  I’ll show you some more in another post.  I don’t want to use up all my material now.  Then I would have to wait another 6 months to write again!

Hope all your days are Paint Days!






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