Terms And Techniques Part 8

Hey Painters!
Time to paint again.  We’re doing Pat blending this time, and I decided to leave the sample somewhat rough so in the next demo I can show you the finishing.  So don’t be thinkin’ I painted an ugly crock!  It’s just not finished yet.  You’ll have to wait until next week for that.  Enjoy this part……….

All is well here in Kansas and I’m starting to think seriously about my trip to England in October.  Did I tell you my granddaughter, August is going with me?  Oh we’re going to have so much fun.  But there is a lot of planning to do first.
But before that I will be planning my trip to Pennsylvania to paint the B A Lantern. Remember?
You can see more photos on the website.
We shipped it off to Carsanna’s studio in Shamokin Dam, so if you leave nearby be sure to stop in ( in about 10 days) and take a look at it in person.  It will be a fun one to paint for sure!
“See” you all later…………….

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