Time for me to post some photos of what I’ve been painting for the last year.  Yes – I have been painting – just not doing a lot of designing for pattern packets.

I am definitely in a learning mode right now and I’m enjoying experimenting with new things.

I switched from Jo Sonja Acrylics to Golden Open Acrylics a few years ago.  After experimenting with the Open paint for a few years I decided to try the Golden Heavy Body.  I think I found my sweet spot.
I’ve been using the Heavy Body for most of my painting and if I need to add final tints and glazes for the finishing touches I’ve been using the Golden Open.  This system seems to be working well for me.
I am really enjoying the painting I’m doing now.

You haven’t seen me paint very many flowers, but I enjoyed painting this one along with the water and the glass.
The rose is cut from the bush just outside our front door.   I set up the still life and then took photos to work from.  After trying the draped background I decided I like the simple background better.










I’ve had this old frame for many years, looking for the right thing to put in it.  The sheep by the stream seemed to work just right.
For my reference I used a photo from a website for painters called “Paint My Photo”, where you can find many photos submitted by people from all over.  These photos can be used by painters and are copyright free.  It’s a nice resource for finding lots of different things and scenes to paint.  Check it out here
If you join, you can post your own photos and also the paintings you do from the photos.

The last one for today is a portrait of my daughter, Joy.  Trying to capture that “certain” look of your loved one can be a real challenge.  This one took me quite a while with lots of tweaks and corrections.  But I loved the challenge










Then I tried it again and kept this one for myself

That’s all I’ve got for now.

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22 Responses to Paintings

  1. Maudeen Lyons says:

    Ronnie, I am very happy to hear from you. Really enjoying your new paintings and looking forward to getting patterns (?) in the future. Anyway, again, so nice to get your updates. Maudeen

  2. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Beautiful! You inspire me!!

  3. carol says:

    great work, love the painting and the colors

  4. Lorraine Lasch says:

    Gorgeous paintings!!!

  5. Connie Lanagan says:

    Love all your new paintings , all are beautiful. How fun it must Beto just paint because you want not half to and to enjoy just doing it for yourself . Keep it up and let us see all your treasures . Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Debbie says:

    Great work Ronnie! You have been painting more than I this year! Good for you! Happy Thanksgiving for you and your family and friends. May the holidays of December and the New Year be memorable and sweet on the heart!

  7. Ann says:

    Great painting Ronnie love the portraiture you really nailed it and the fabulous rose then the sheep in the field……… I also belong to PMP and have posted photographs on there yes a great source of inspiration. What are you going to be painting next??

  8. Sandy Rowe says:

    Love them all – your learning mode is working very well.! Keep on learning and sharing – wouldn’t hurt to throw in a few patterns now and then. Glad you are finding You at this stage.! Be Happy, healthy, filled with love and laughter, keep painting.!! Hugs Sandy

  9. Melinda says:

    Wow… all the painting are exquisite Ronnie. Thank you for sharing your work.

  10. Robyn Brooks says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    Your paintings are fantastic, especially the portrait.
    I hope you are both well.

    Love Robyn

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