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I think I told you about our little painting group here that gets together once a month to offer a challenge.
Well…………this month was a doozy!  The challenge was to paint a non subject abstract and a subjective abstract – small!!  Just 14 inches total for each one.  My Decorative Painting struggled to swim to the top but I still had fun with it.

Then there is my second love – Paper Crafting.  So today several friends and I went to the most awesome scrapping store -“Scraporium” for a field trip.  After spending 3 1/2 hours in the store we finally made it to lunch.

How many of you love to paper craft or scrapbook?  It’s a very satisfying hobby and very creative so I always have to choose between my two favorite things to do.
I’m planning to post some of my paper projects on my website very soon.  I’ll let you know.
And more paintings coming up!



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8 Responses to More Stuff

  1. Ann says:

    Love paper crafting and have been making my own Christmas cards for 30+ years I also make teabag folding medallions and last year pushed the boat out making 50 back to back medallions then spraying them with gold glitter varnish to hang on my tree! Cant wait to see what you make and share with us!

  2. Sandy Rowe says:

    Nothing better than laughter, shopping, and more laughter, with family and friends. I love your painting challenges.! Life is good.
    Hugs Sandy

  3. Lynda G says:

    I also love paper crafting and stamping–oh yea, and also sewing. I think that folks who have the creative bug find multiple ways to express it.

  4. Joan Simpson says:

    Anyone who can spend 3 hrs. in a craft store, is my kind of person. Husbands don’t get it….it’s a girl thing and I bet you enjoyed every minute!

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