How Many Grandchildren Can You Paint!?

Now that the girls have had their birthdays I can show you what I painted for them.  August is my oldest granddaughter and Grace is her sister, my second oldest granddaughter.  There’s a boy in-between.  I haven’t painted him ………..yet.

Some of you are already familiar with August (Auggie).  She went to England with me a few years ago.  I also blogged about her when she got married and when she had her baby girl, Annaleise.  I took this photo about 10 years ago and have wanted to paint it for a long time.    It’s just the perfect pose and the lighting is perfectly dramatic.

I gave it to her for her birthday and I think she liked it.


And here is Grace (Gracie – or Gracie Bug) .  She is our singer/dancer/pianist/violinist.  She sent this graduation picture 2 (or is it 3) years ago.  And I knew immediately I HAD to paint it.  After a few years of painting portraits I finally felt that I had enough knowledge to attempt it.  I’m glad I did.  I think I did okay.  Anyway she likes it.


So that concludes the 5 paintings I have been working on for the last few months.  Whew!!

I actually have a couple more paintings finished but I can’t show them on line because I painted pictures of people without getting their permission.  So you’ll have to come to my house to see those. (wink wink )

I’ve got another one started and will show it in progress as soon as I have some progress.  This one won’t be a gift, so I can show it any time.

I’m also developing another still life type painting.  I’m not at the painting stage yet on that one.   More about that later.

So here’s the question.  Is it in poor taste to display – in your home – a painting of yourself that was given as a gift to you?
What do you all think?


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32 Responses to How Many Grandchildren Can You Paint!?

  1. August says:

    I’ll hang mine! I love it! ?

  2. Deborah Walkington says:

    Beautiful portraits Ronnie. I of course recognise August the picture has captured her true spirit and there such a word!
    Your other Granddaughter looks so different, I would like to meet her too.
    I admire all your paintings, or course they should be hung.
    As you probably know, in the large country houses of Britain they have portrait galleries!
    X Deborah

    • Ronnie says:

      Hi Debbie. Gracie keeps telling me she gets to go with me if I go the England again! So good to hear from you. Good point about the galleries – thank you!

  3. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    I don’t think it is in poor taste. Look at the royals in England and rich people in general – they do it all the time. Anyway lovely paintings and if I was your granddaughter, I would proudly hang the portrait in my home!

  4. Ann says:

    Stunning work and craftswomanship Ronnie they are beautiful subjects so its easy to capture them as they are………….yes do remember Auggie and what a delight she is!!
    As for taste dont give it a second thought if somebody painted my portrait Id without hesitation hang it as whoever painted it did it with love and deserves that much for it to be hung!! If it was a finger painting by a 2 year old grandchild of you Im know you’d not think twice about having it proudly displayed for all to see!! Sending hugs x x x

  5. Anita says:

    I have a portrait painted by a special sister that is displayed on a shelf in my studio along side William Theadore, a Teddy bear given to me years ago from this same special sister.

  6. Maudeen says:

    Good morning Ronnie,
    No, it is not in “bad taste” to display family portraits in your home; it is your home after all. I too had such a question when a very good friend, a beautiful artist, painted my
    portrait and I didn’t feel comfortable hanging it up, but I then realized what a wonderful, and loving gift of friendship it was and each time I looked at it I remembered all the fun we had that day and also I wondered if it would hurt her feelings if not put up, so guess what?? Now I can enjoy this gift and memories (and how young I was,ha). Anyway, you should display all of the paintings, photos etc. you love and that make your home special to you and your family and friends too. Have a wonderful day, Maudeen

  7. Becky Dewease says:

    Yes! I think it would be fine – especially if they look like the ones you painted of your beautiful granddaughters!!

  8. judith dodds says:

    wow ronnie! these portraits are amazing,you do wonderful work and should be doing portraits all the time.

  9. Renee Claude Lessard says:

    Wow! Stunning and gorgeous!

  10. Tovia says:

    WOW!! Miss Ronnie…not only do you have beautiful grandchildren…but you have a God-given gift in the hand that directs your brush! Thank you for sharing with us! Your portraits are more than just “photographic images”…both convey the “essence” of each young woman…the portraits are amazing!!

    Henry VIII sent Hans Holbein (the Younger) to paint Anna of Cleves (c.1539); as the initial step to his fourth marriage. Holbein was ordered “not to flatter”…but apparently did…Henry was less impressed with Anna in real life than he was with Holbein’s portrait…and the marriage was annulled…(saving the young woman’s head)…I suppose you could say Anna was the only “lucky” one of Henry’s wives. (Now, if anyone asks you “Have you learned your piece of Useless Information today?” You van proudly answer “Yes!”)

    In our own time, we sometimes forget that not too long ago, portraiture was the ONLY form of answering “What does she look like?”! (I catch myself sometimes yelling “Use
    your CELL PHONE!” at the TV when watching an older movie!)

    I am positive that your work will be treasured by your granddaughters…and future generations….the portraits are more than just canvas and paint…they are a gift of the artist’s time and talent….and we have been blessed with a glimpse of the love that a Grandmother holds in her heart for both subjects. You have captured the young ladie’s vibrancy perfectly, as they are seen/known by the artist. Well done!

  11. Patt Callender says:

    I think they would be proud of a grandmother taking the time to paint them. They will probably become favorite heirlooms.

  12. Debbie Ruttenberg says:

    Your paintings are lovely Ronnie. One can feel the love you have for them. And the girls are beautiful.

  13. Joan Simpson says:

    Your portrait paintings are lovely. Gracie Bug is adorable!

    Now, here’s my thought regarding your question. If someone painted a portrait of me, and gave it as a gift to me, yes…I would hang it in my home. If it was a good likeness and “well done,” I’d hang it in a prominent location, although not as the center of attraction.

    If the portrait was “not well done”, I’d probably hang it in my bedroom. My thinking would be, people are not normally in my bedroom. If the presenter questioned me regarding why I placed it my bedroom vs. a more prominent place, I’d respond because it was so special, I’d have more time to view it, as normally I don’t spend a lot of time in my living room area. I hope this doesn’t sound tacky…it’s just my personal opinion!

  14. Sonja Lee Sindell says:

    See above!

  15. Sonja Lee Sindell says:

    The portraits are beautiful. My opinion is that it should be up to individual to decide if they want to display the painting. I would do this, however, if I didn’t like the painting, then I am not sure I would display it. Then again, if it was given to me by an artist I admired or was a relative, then no matter what it looks like I probably would hang it up.

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