More About Grandsons – And Other Stuff

I know you wanted to hear more about my grandsons….right?

Our grandson, Isaac, visited from Oregon this month.  I think he might have inherited my love of all things artistic.  Or maybe he got it from his mother, Kalen, our daughter-in-law, who is also very artistic.

We were looking for something interesting to do one day,  so we found a scenic place at one of the parks to do some plein-air painting.  The first time for both of us!
It was 96° in the shade but we were happy to be there trying something new.  Isaac did a great job and even finished his at the house that night.

We used my Golden Open acrylic and plenty of water.  I prepped a wet palette of paint before we left so we didn’t have to take lots of supplies and paint tubes.
I haven’t finished mine.  I didn’t have as much energy as Isaac did after being in that heat all afternoon.
I did manage to get to the couch and put my feet up though.

IMG_1110 IMG_1104

I think he did a wonderful job!


All I got done on mine was the basic sketch, but I promise I’ll show mine later when I have it more finished.


I definitely want to do this again.  But here are some things I would do differently.
1. Wear shoes and socks.  The ants were biting the heck out of my feet and legs.
2. Take some mosquito repellant.  (HD warned me, but I forgot)
3. Take a shade umbrella.  Our views were limited by where we could find shade.  And the shade moves!  I started in the shade, but the sun was soon shining on me.
4.  Take a small cooler to keep my water cold.  Warm water——UGH!
5. Head out earlier in the morning – or go in the winter.

With those little corrections I think I would definitely enjoy doing this again.  I didn’t think I could do it.  I tried not to worry about how the painting was going to turn out.  I knew I didn’t have to show it to anyone and Isaac wasn’t going to care how it looked.  So I just let go and painted.

I would advise anyone to try it.  Start out with an inexpensive canvas or canvas board.  Or you can tape a piece of heavy water color paper to a large clipboard.
You will be surprised by what you can do!  And if it doesn’t turn out very well, you can paint over it or throw it away.  Who knows, though??  You may just like what you do.  You have nothing to loose!

And take plenty of water!


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9 Responses to More About Grandsons – And Other Stuff

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    What a great way to spend time together!

  2. Ann says:

    Well done I keep thinking I ought to do this but our temperatures are about the same and even though I paint inside I still find that my paints are drying too quickly…… always nice to try these things out. Another tip is to have a small towel, wet it and wrap round your neck to keep cool and a second one to keep swapping over as they get warm kept in the cool box of course!! How lovely to have company to paint, let us see how the painting turns out if you finish it.

  3. Your grandson did a great job! Definitely runs in the family.

  4. Leah Luper says:

    Did he do 3rd or 4th one… it was very good. I have never tried Plen-air but I think you have convinced me to try it.

    thanks for the boost

  5. Patty says:

    Wow, he did a great job like you said, he might be destin to be a painter, but he’s still young, he could swing into the music like his dad. Or maybe a musical painter and everyone will be happy. Miss ya lots.

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