Another Portrait Finished!

Our second summer in Florida and we’re finally getting the hang of it.
There are only a few places to “be” when it heats up.
1.  In your home – with the A C
2.  At the mall – with the A C
3.  At the beach

I’ve mostly been staying home and staying cool.  So I’ve gotten a lot of painting done.  I’ve finished a painting I started about 10 years ago when my Grandson, Evan, was only 8 or 9.
He joined the Navy this year!
I think he was – maybe 5 – in the photo I was working from for this portrait.


So I just can’t resist showing a photo of him now.  After all, I AM his Grandy!


AND……………..I think his mother must have know something from the beginning……………


I hope you all are having a productive and fun summer.
School has already started in some areas!  I can’t believe we are already at the end of August.  But I have to say……..I’m looking forward to winter.


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14 Responses to Another Portrait Finished!

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    A great job on the portrait!! Reminds me I need to finish the portrait I started in your class. That was an awesome class! Glad we are all cooling down! Our new place has a swamp cooler and it doesn’t cut it in 110 degree weather?…. We will have AC but not soon enough. Anyway happy painting!

  2. Saundra Rowe says:

    Hay girl, glad to see you are getting used to this paradise of ours.
    This painting of Evan is wonderful – you can see the ( what can I do now ) in his eyes. You are the woman all little ones dream of having as their Gran.!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Hugs Sandy

  3. karen allen says:

    Great job on the portrait, he looks just the same only bigger!!!!

  4. Ann says:

    Just perfect Ronnie well done what a beautiful painting Im sure it will be treasured. Isnt it funny how children grow up to be something of their younger selves………. Great to see this and yes can appreciate how hard it is to paint I now live in Cyprus and our temperatures are up in the 30’s and was even higher earlier this month…. my paints keep drying out and am so pleased of my wet palette and extender!!

    • Ronnie says:

      Thank you, Ann. I have a love/hate relationship with my ceiling fan because it dries up my palette. But I can’t breathe without it!

  5. Linda Duff says:

    Awesome Ronnie, I too am looking forward to October, that’s when the humidity will start to leave! October, November and December are the fest months in Florida!
    Tell your grandson I said thanks for his service. See you in September in Springhill!

  6. Loretta Graf says:

    Beautiful. Love the idea of painting all the grandkids.

  7. Joan Simpson says:

    I think you should do one for him in his naval uniform, so he can hang them side by side! You did a fine job Ronnie and his young portrait is terrific!

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