Hot Off My Easel

The down side to working on five projects at one time…….it takes a long time to finish any one project!
The up side is that when I get frustrated with one problem, I can put it aside and pick up a different one.  Maybe that problem has solved itself while sitting in the corner??  No.  Not so much.

Well anyway, I did finally get another one finished (I think).  So that just leaves three more to finish.  Hmmmm  I think maybe I’ll start another one today.

I’m calling this one “Apothecary”.  This little chest of drawers was not really a medicine or spice chest, but rather a nuts and bolts chest in someone’s work shop.  But I like to think of it as an old medicine chest of drawers.  My new friend here in Florida says you can paint it however you want “as long as you have a story……”

Anyway, I think it made a nice little still life set up.  I don’t know what I’m doing with this painting yet – other than hanging it on my wall.  It’s a 12″ X 12″ canvas and is painted with Golden Open.  I love that I accidentally used colors that work well in my house.  (not that it matters so much when you are creating art).

This is a new style of painting for me and I’m enjoying trying new things, pushing myself to stretch.  After so many years of teaching it feels really good to concentrate on learning again.



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20 Responses to Hot Off My Easel

  1. Maudeen says:

    Good morning , I really like this painting a lot. New pattern???? You are having a lot of fun in your new home, creating a new home, new painting adventures. I think I will say “go girl” . Gives me inspiration too!!!

  2. Joan Simpson says:

    Very different and I like it!

  3. Anita says:

    Great! Wish I had a real cabinet that looked just like it. You know how I am. I want everything just like you have. Ha!??

  4. Debbie Ruttenberg says:

    Hi Ronnie!
    I really like the palette and multiple textures for interest. I am glad it is not a still life because of the addition of the feathered pretties. Excellent work Ronnie. You are an inspiration!

  5. Ann says:

    Wow Ronnie this is adorable I love the composition and the colours you used well done! Yup stepping out of the old comfort zone can be scarey but Oh so rewarding…. love it are you going to make this into an e-packet for us???

  6. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Oh I like it!! Good job Ronnie, thanks for sharing!

  7. Saundra Rowe says:

    When you add the living with the old – it comes to life, thanks for sharing. You never let yourself and us down.!
    Keep up the good work.
    Hugs Sandy

  8. Becky Dewease says:

    Love this!

  9. Linda Duff says:

    Awesome Ronnie, as all of your work is!

  10. karen allen says:

    I love it!!

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