More Pics and Stuff

We had some great responses to yesterday’s post, including a suggestion that I join the “Tole Painters Unite!!”facebook group.
I’m looking into it and will let you all know what I decide.  It sounds like it could be a good idea.

And a few people have sent us more pics .  I hope you enjoy them
Thank you to all who are participating.

Marcia 1

Marcia shares a wonderful old Joyce Howard design

Marcia shares two wonderful old Joyce Howard designs painted on both sides!

My webmaster, Melinda, proves that she can paint too!

My webmaster, Melinda, proves that she can paint too!

Ann 1

Ann shares two of her favorites.

Ann shares two of her favorites.


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7 Responses to More Pics and Stuff

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Very nice work!

  2. June Brown says:

    Love, love, love the Joyce Howard designs!

  3. Connie. Lanagan says:

    Great paintings. You inspire us all . So fun to see everyone’s paintings. Thanks for showing them Ronnie. Very nice of you.

  4. Mary Sue Alexander says:

    Your webmaster painted a great Santa. I took a class from you at Cleveland or Clarksville GA. I was proud of what I did but it wouldn’t come close to hers. I wish you would come to GA again.

  5. Kay Swartz says:

    They are all very nice,hope to paint that good some day.

  6. Monique Métivier says:

    Wonderfullllllll !!

  7. AnnR Sheffield UK says:

    Well done Marcia and Melinda great to see what you’re both painting. Love the rich colours, isnt it good to share!! Thanks for showing my efforts Ronnie I keep stepping out of my comfort zone and trying different things……….

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