It’s All About You

I really love it when you send photos of your paintings.  Any paintings are okay.  They don’t even have to be my designs. I just enjoy seeing what you all are doing.  It gives me a sense of community, and I think everyone is inspired by seeing what others are painting.

In the “old days” I spent many hours at my local “tole” shop just sitting and chatting with the other painters, making friends and making bonds.  Looking around the shop at the work that others had done was very motivating and inspiring, making me want to get home and start on the next project.  So many of the shops have closed now so we don’t have that so much anymore – that sharing thing.  That bonding thing.
That’s why I like to post these photos here on the blog.  It’s not bragging.  It’s just sharing the joy of painting.  After all – isn’t that what it’s all about?

Connie sent me this photo so I’m passing it along to you.  She did a lovely job painting this bunny and I know she would love to hear from you.  Let’s give it up for Connie!  Good job, Connie.  And thanks so much for sending the pic.

Used this on my Easter table this year. Love, loved it.Only one bunny fit on this box, but that was fine. It was so fun to do.

Used this on my Easter table this year. Love, loved it.Only one bunny fit on this box, but that was fine. It was so fun to do.


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9 Responses to It’s All About You

  1. Linda Duff says:

    Awesome job ,Connie, thanks for sharing.

  2. June Brown says:

    Very nice Connie. And Ronnie – Greg is right. You should consider joining Tole Painters Unite. Seeing what others are painting (and painting on) gives me so much inspiration to get into my paint studio.

  3. Mileah Hall says:


  4. Connie–I have always loved that box to paint on. What a cute bunny! Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

  5. Greg Hunter says:

    Ronnie, you should consider joining the Tole Painters Unite facebook group. There are hundreds of members who all share pictures of their work. Peggy Harris and JMP are members. P Rawlinson too. It can be a way for you to show off some of your work and patterns and seeing what we all paint can give you some inspiration for new ideas. Hope you’ll join.

  6. Kay Swartz says:

    Looks really nice,It is nice to see other painters paintings. Thank you.

  7. Jane DeWire says:

    What a great idea. Seeing what others are painting makes us want to paint more. Finding surfaces and patterns are becoming a real problem because of lack of shops.

  8. Bertie Porter says:

    Great job Connie. Thank you Ronnie for sharing Connie’s finished project.

  9. AnnR Sheffield UK says:

    Oh well done Connie what an adorable little bunny he is!!! Love rabbits!!

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