It’s Spring!

Nothing says Spring quite like sheets on the line.
And nothing says Spring in Kansas quite like sheets blowing straight out in the wind. Hopefully they will smell divine when I put them on the bed. Worst case scenario…….they’ll smell like the pig farm just southwest of us. Or perhaps the feedlot a few miles to the west.
Aaaahhh yes. They tell me it’s the smell of money. I say there is something seriously wrong with people who can’t tell the difference between the smell of money and the smell of animal excrement!
But that’s what we get in Kansas. And since the power has gone out today (a reoccurring country mystery) I have no choice but to put them on the line and hope for the best.

sheets in the wind

I’ve returned from sunny California and am getting ready for the Lincoln Trail Decorative Artists in Illinois just outside of St Louis, Mo. I had a wonderful time with the Grapevine Tole painters in the Clovis/Fresno area with a few who traveled further distances. We painted The Twelve Days Of Christmas project. Thank You! To all the lovely painters there!

painters painting fun smiling painters

I stayed with a long time painting friend, Fran Musetti and her husband Bob. What fun to talk about old times and crazy times painting together in many classes.
While we were in Clovis we ran into an old time acquaintance from many years ago. Do you recognize him? Clovis is his home town. Make a comment on the blog if you know who this is!

Mystery Friend Fran and Me

I’m working on a special treat for you. I’m hoping to get it onto the blog before I leave next Friday. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it so check back this week.

I’ll leave you now with that little tease before the battery runs out on my I Pad!


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11 Responses to It’s Spring!

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Everybody said Festus! We’ll I was close.

  2. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    I think that is Chester from Gunsmoke. My Dad loves that show! I always wanted to watch Star Trek instead.

  3. Kathy Swanner says:

    It is Festus from Gunsmoke! My dad loved Matt Dillon. He would quickness against him every week!

  4. Mina McLean says:

    He is Festus. My husband still loves that show. Sounds great to have sheets on the line, I haven’t done that in years.

  5. June Brown says:

    Ken Curtis – Festus from Gumsmoke

  6. Libby Amero says:

    It is Festus of course.

  7. Patty says:

    I thought it was HD……..Sorry Jerry we love you.!!!! Sad I couldn’t make it south to visit.

  8. I did not recognize him at first. I personally think he looks younger then when I watched him on tv! Thanks for a stroll down memory lane. My Dad loved the show.

  9. Diana Bowman says:

    Hey, that’s Festes Haggen. I look forward to your emails, they are always interesting. I also enjoy your videos, I always learn something new. Have a good one. Di

  10. Cynthia Bryan says:

    Festus from Gun Smoke !!!

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