One painter got her “Imagine” project finished and even won some prizes at the State Fair!

Congratulations, Leslie!  And Thank you for sending the photo so we can all enjoy it.  You did an awesome job!


Also congratulations to the winners of the “Imagine” pattern packets.  Now you can paint your own project and win some ribbons too.  If your name is

Pat Heffernan    or
Sherry Walker

send  your mailing address in an email to

Thanks for all the comments.  I appreciate hearing from you.  Makes me feel loved.






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6 Responses to Winners

  1. Sherry Walker says:

    Hi Ronnie
    What a surprise as I just returned from being at the hospital for the last 4 days with my sister as I have a very sick brother-in-law — you have made my day.
    I will share this wonderful pattern with my painting classmates.
    Thank you again
    Sherry Walker

  2. Helen Heavey says:

    I also have just finished “Imagine” It has been over a year when you were in Quitman, I am so very proud of it. I think it is the hardest painting I have ever done, but I had a very good teacher. I have retired from my political job and had time to finish all my projects. Now I will be starting a cabinet that has been unfinished for several years. The front will be the 1005 STAR Cupboard. I will send some pictures

  3. Sue Persinger says:

    You did a great job on a pattern that I would love to paint.

  4. Ann Robinson says:

    Wonderful job Lesley. Congratulations Pat & Sherry hope to see you’re efforts when completed!

  5. Pat Heffernan says:

    I’m so excited to win the pattern packet. Love it!

  6. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Thank you Ronnie! I had an excellent teacher….

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