Just Imagine This!

Two days ago I got an email from a painter asking me about a project that she couldn’t find on my website.  It was a packet I designed a few years back called “Imagine”.  So I went to the website and I couldn’t find it either.

I thought “hhhmmm that could be why it hasn’t been a real hot seller”.  So I contacted Melinda my trusty webmaster and asked her to put it on the site.

Actually she did find it on the site – in the “Christmas” category.  I never even thought to look there since it’s not really Christmas even though it’s a snowy scene.

I got to thinking maybe other painters might have missed it too.  So TaDa!  Here it is

Imagine You can find it at www.ronniebringle.com in these categories:  New Packets, Scenes, People.  And Christmas.  Just in case.

AND……RUSH to your computer to make a comment here on the blog because I’m giving away two of these packets.  Make a comment by Midnight Central Time Sunday March 17 and HD will select two lucky painters to receive packets.

If you’ve already painted this project PLEASE send me a photo so I can post it and you can have bragging rights.

Later Dudettes………….




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32 Responses to Just Imagine This!

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    I love this design! Like Patty said I won an awards for this piece at the California State Fair. It was very exciting and unexpected. I’ve tried to copy the picture to your blog but it won’t take. So I’ll send it separately as an e-mail. Thanks Ronnie, couldn’t have done it without you!

  2. Diana Bowman says:

    Ronnie, Hi I haven’t seen this pattern before. My colors are Blue so it will definitely work for me. I usually paint gifts but this one might have to be mine. I love the castle in the background. Thank you for sending me the blue palettes so quickly. Now I need to buy your brushes!!! Thanks Di

  3. LINDA DUFF says:

    Thanks so much for the beautiful picture that you designed. I am so happy they were able to find it, and now many artist will have the chance to paint it. You are such a talented person, I hope someday when I grow up I could be maybe just half as good as you are. Your very talented and also very sharing with your skills. I believe that when God’s gives us these talents, we need to share them, and you have done that. If I am lucky enough to recieve one of the patterns, I would try to do it justice! Thank you.

  4. Beth Mosier says:

    I am hooked you your style. Would love to have some packets. Thanks for the videos and work that you do.

  5. Jeanine Maurer says:

    such a beautiful pattern – too bad it was “lost” would be happy to “find” it in my craft room –

  6. Audrey Hockenbroch says:

    This is such a beautiful painting and I would love to have it. Your paintings are all so good. If I could just paint as good as you, I would be very happy. Maybe someday.

  7. marilyn wells says:

    It is a beautiful pattern. The trees, the castle. Well, every thing is very artful. Thanks for sharing

  8. Vicki Truman says:

    I love this pattern! It just went on my wish list.
    I sure enjoyed the class with you in Wichita last weekend. It was awesome! I learned so much. But I still have lots of practicing to do on your technique.
    Fondest regards,

  9. Greg Hunter says:

    Imagine…the perfect title for this thought provoking design….the colors give a feel of winter. Another Bringle winner!

  10. Sherry Walker says:

    Another great pattern packet — years ago I was a member of your packet packet club and couldn’t wait to receive a new challenge every month. Thanks again for some wonderful painting.

  11. I love the different blue and all the many white values which give this painting a detailed and layered look. The animals are quite life like. This packet would look great on a variety of surfaces.

  12. Patty says:

    Hummmmmm is this a test to see if I’ve finished….Leslie did and and she won Best of Class, Best of Division at the California State Fair…..it is a beautiful piece and fun to paint. I have very little to finish up on it Ron says it is one of his favorites and giving me a little push here and there, ouch! I will finish this year.

  13. Becky McKittrick says:

    IMAGINE… Imagine a world that’s simple and fresh, carefree and loving of all creatures on earth. Imagine the feeling of living in a world where you are secure in the knowledge that you are safe, you matter, you are loved and all is well. When I concentrate on this painting, that is what I imagine. This scene evokes a yearning in me for simpler times; times which are free from problems and complications; harmonious times where every creature on earth is joyful. Imagine if we could all feel this way.

    Thank you Ronnie, for the momentary holiday and for the opportunity to… ‘imagine.’

  14. Becky Graves says:

    Love this pattern but do not have it. I would love to paint it!!!

  15. Beautiful. I really enjoy your Rambling’s and video’s. Keep up the good work!

  16. Beautiful! I really enjoy your Ramblings and video’s! Keep up the good work!

  17. Cathy says:

    Imagine — what a wonderful name. I love the bunny ! Thanks for updating the us !

  18. Dorothy Cowan says:

    I’ve done many of your packets, your instructions are thorough, and I am always happy with the end result. This packet is beautiful! I love anything that has a nature feel to it and this fits the bill!

  19. Sue Sondker says:

    Ronnie, the picture brings so much hope for the future as the promises God has given us. Thank you for all of the joy you bring us through your posts and talent.

  20. Beverly says:

    Ronnie, I absolutely love this pattern and will plan on painting it for my granddaughter who also loves animals. It brings to mind such peace and serenity and reminds all of us of just how beautiful nature can be. Thanks for your wonderful creativity that you share.

  21. Saw this packet ages ago I think it was a class you taught. At the time you didn’t have the packet available for the rest of us. I would love to win as everyone else who sent you a note does. Love getting your updates it usually makes my day.

  22. Marcy P says:

    Thanks for the update on the packet, and yes I would love to win it. Thanks for the great blog.

  23. Marcia ONeal says:

    Beautiful! I love all the animals.

  24. Lucie Paquet says:

    Another pattern from you, this is a gift to my heart! I will probably paint it to share winter with my family!

  25. Pat Heffernan says:

    I love this painting and would love to do it. I had not seen this one before either. If I don’t win it, I will buy it. Blues are my favorite.

  26. You are such a talented artist, love your packets

  27. Kathy Morrow says:

    I love this pattern! I can just “IMAGINE” painting my own! 😉

  28. Donna Howard says:

    I actually have this pattern but have not painted it yet. I love everything about it.The little girl reminds me of my granddaughter and she is an avid animal lover. She’s 14 and started painting with me.

  29. Ann Robinson says:

    Wow Ronnie love this my fav colours and adore those cute animals……….. yes Id love to paint this and it’d be even better to win it tee hee!! Is this available as an e packet?

  30. This painting is so sweet–love the blue coat and the animals–2 things I truly love–oh after growing up in south Dakota–the SNOW of course–have to keep that a secret as I now live in Oregon!! and “most” Oregonians do NOT like the snow-except at the mountains–again she is so very sweet ! Thanks to the “painter” who asked about this little gal!! Well, of course Congrats to the painter who painted it–that would be you Ronnie! Thanks again–

  31. Libby Amero says:

    Hmmm, face, animals, scenery! Lots to learn in this packet. I dont have it yet. Hint hint

  32. Lindsay Bruns says:

    What a beautiful packet…thank you for updating us on where to find it! I absolutely love your posts and you always entertain me.

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