Last night I fried Chicken for dinner.
Here in Kansas they say super.  But I’m from Oregon where we say Lunch and Diner.
Here you have to be careful if you invite someone to diner – they might show up for lunch!!  While you’re still in bed!  No.  Not really.
Well maybe some days.
But I digress…………………

So Hubby Dear comes in and says
Hmmmmm that smells heavenly.
To which I reply
It smells like grease.
To which he replies
When I get to heaven it’s going to smell like fried chicken.
When I get to heaven it’s going to smell like coconut tanning lotion like on the beach at Waikiki.
And besides that everyone on the beach will be at least 20 lbs overweight except ME.

Do you think there are separate heavens for men and women?

Enjoy your lunch, dinner, super, whatever


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15 Responses to Heaven

  1. Georgia Magarrell says:

    But you promised

  2. Georgia Magarrell says:

    lol you are too funny girlfriend. WHERE’S MY TREE….

  3. Debbie says:

    In Yorkshire, they call supper/dinner “tea”. This originated from “high tea”, a meal served earlier in the evening when working men returned home. This would normally start with a savoury dish followed by bread and butter and perhaps cake.

    Tea is normally served at about 4 pm with a cup of tea with cake, sandwiches, etc.
    Dinner is a more formal meal served later in the evening.
    Just to add to the confusion, in Scotland , supper is a late evening snack before bedtime!

    Really enjoy your ramblings..how different our lives are.
    Love to you and August Debbie.

  4. Sonja Lee Sindell says:

    As I understood breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.
    Breakfast – Early morning
    Dinner – Your biggest meal of the day whether it was at lunch time or supper, so if you had largest meal at lunch time it was called dinner. If you had largest meal at night it was called dinner. Smaller meals were lunch or supper. I tried to get my son to get this concept and when he didn’t get it right he had to run around the block. it took a lot of runs for him to get it right.

  5. Carol A says:

    You two are soooooo funny, love it ! Carol

  6. Patty Halvorsen says:

    Being we are in the Scrabble marathon I was going to ask about the diner, vs dinner. I’m thinking and you know how my brain thinks, diner place where we get the dinner….or is it like the XI definition of 11……. Now isn’t this fun…….yes I am going to go to sleep now, love you….P…..

  7. Dinky Davis says:

    You make me laugh, Thanks a bunch………………….

  8. Leslie Thomas says:

    Thanks for the chuckle. I love painting with you on you tube, and learning your techniques. I’m a self taught, old painter. Ever come out to California?

  9. Joy Giger says:

    lol….I agree with you on this one Mom!

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