Join My Party

I’m celebrating again!
No.  Not because the Ragweed is gone and I’m off Benadryl.  I’m still miserable.  And drugged.  And getting dang tired of it.

It’s because October is Decorative Art Month.  Otherwise known as DAM.  No. Not really.  I mean the DAM part.  It really is Decorative Art Month.  Or maybe it’s Decorative Painting Month. But that would ruin the DAM thing.

In any case it got me thinking about why I love painting so much and what it means to me.
So here are the top 10 reasons why I love to paint.
I’m just going to be real honest with you here and tell you the true reasons.  No embellishments.  No sappy stuff.  Don’t be shocked.
These are not necessarily in order of their importance.  I just wrote them as I thought of them.

1. It’s something to do when I’m bored.  Or sad.  Or mad.  It takes my mind off of whatever is bothering me, and before long I’m in a good mood again
2. Painting feeds my creative soul
3. It enables me to make interesting and beautiful items to decorate my house
4.  I can also create beautiful gifts for others
5. I can make money to buy more stuff
6. Admiration of others.  I know of at least one – besides Hubby Dear
7. I’ve made some wonderful friendships over the years through painting
8. I’ve also enjoyed watching other painters in my classes become good friends because of their mutual interest in painting
9. I love teaching.  Why?  I don’t know.  But painting gives me something to teach
10. Travel.  I’ve been so blessed to receive invitations to teach in many places.

So what do you love about painting?
To celebrate Decorative Painting Month I’m giving away 2 selected sets of my Bringle Blenders.
Just tell me in a comment what you love about painting.  You have until Saturday night, 10:00 PM Central time.  Then I’ll pick two numbers out of that hat, box, bowl, bucket – and I’ll let you know the winners.

Thanks for playing my game.
And Happy Decorative Painting Month!

Now you know my secrets,


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69 Responses to Join My Party

  1. Linda says:

    Why do I love painting. That is a good question. In 1986 I starting taking classes and became a potter. I keep trying to find my own little nitch with the finishing of my pieces, after all a bowl is a bowl, a cup is a cup, etc. So I stumbled on one stroke painting, and wanted to learn the strokes to be able to transfer to my pottery. I was able to do that, and then we started going to Florida for the winter, and I needed something to do for the 3 months we were there. So I decided I needed to further my education in painting, and have since branched out, and I have taken lessons from many different painters. I feel I am on a journey, between my pottery and my painting. It’s a great escape, and you do get to meet lots of new people from all over the country! I love to be able to create, and feel like I have learned so much. My kids are proud of me, and even have some of my pieces hanging in their homes. Also have some hanging in my own home. I think people are always trying to find their nitch in this world, and I think through painting it has open my eyes to the beauty of our country, and what God has created!

  2. Ronnie says:

    Jeanine, you moved into my territory way back when. We must have run into each other at some point……?.

  3. Lynda Gaddy says:

    Hi Ronnie–I really identified with most of your comments. Like you. painting takes my mind away from all the stresses of a complicated life. Painting has changed my perspective and allowed me to see the beauty in things I might not have even noticed were I not a painter. Painting gives me a creative outlet, and a sense of accomplishment. And painting has given me the great gift of friendship–I just love my painting friends.

  4. patricia conway says:

    Painting is therapy for me. Especially since we moved to Florida from the North East. Some days it’s lonley and I can get lost in my paints, books and brushes.
    I’ve started a project painting Christmas ornaments for my grandchildren. They will have special memories of their Nana to someday hand down to their children.
    We had a craft store in Ct. where I taught Decorative Painting. I have met many life long friends over the years and I will cherish all the friendships and memories that were made. The best part of teaching was seeing the creativity come out of each one of my students during their weekly classes.
    Thanks Ronnie for all of your blogs. Look forward to checking dailey E-mail.

  5. Ann says:

    For me to paint is like breathing in and out – I cant function without painting.

  6. Jeanine Maurer says:

    I have always enjoyed art since a small girl – I always drew, which evolved into painting as I grew older. In 1989 we were transfered to Vancouver WA – and I had lived all my life in San Diego – feeling very lonely and not knowing a soul – I joined a decorative paint class to make friends and learn something I had longed to do. It has been a blessing in my life.

  7. Jane Dillon says:

    My E-mail says it all: P8NJane and it’s also my license plate! I’ve been painting since I was 5 and got a BFA degree in 1961 and taught HS art for ten years. Then we moved and I couldn’t find a HS here to teach ART in; so I got with the Parks and Recreation and they asked me to teach Tole Painting. I said “What’s Tole Painting?” So I read a few books and started teaching (I call it Decorative painting…so it won’t limit me to oils and tin). I couldn’t live without painting every day!

  8. Lonnie Shaffer says:

    Painting has been a part of my life since 1967. the first thing i painted on was an old milk can, you remember the big 5 gallon ones?
    Put aside all the love & joy of family ,painting is the only thing in my life I feel I do “just for me”. It has gotten me through the saddest times in my life & given me joy ( other than the joy given me through my savior & Lord, Jesus ).
    There is nothing more satisfying than a completed project. Oh once in a while you may cook an ocassional meal or bake a super pie, but its not the same.
    It has saved a lot of money going to a psychologist. It’s much more satisfying to buy new brushes or that special piece of wood.
    It fills up many empty hours on a dreary day and turns it into sunshine.
    Long time friendships have been made with people from all over the world & now technology has made communication one on one with Skype & face time.
    It has drawn my husband into his own hobby of carving & painting so we can be together in our studio, which was the very first room we designed when planning our new home in 2004. So you know the priorities we set. Second was the kitchen and so forth.
    I opened a decorative painting store in 1985. I managed to stay in business 4 years and taught over 400 people to paint, men & women. Unfortunately I had to close due to many outside conflicts, but those years will ever be forgotten. Once in a while I will have someone come up to me and say they still dabble at it, and a few say they still love it. What a wonderful feeling that it, to know you have opened up someone’s creative abilities.
    I guess I’d better stop now, but I could go on & on.
    Oh, my Licence plate is ” I LV2PNT !

  9. Connie Oakley says:

    I have always loved doing crafts and when a friend gave me painting lessons for my birthday one year I was in heaven. I haven’t stopped painting since. It is my therapy. I can have the most intense difficult day at work and come home and start painting and the stress of the day just melts away with each layer of color I paint. I enjoy challenging myself to learn more. I love to be able to paint something and have it look like the real object. I enjoy painting gifts for friends and family. When I am no longer able to paint or have left this earth then my friends and family will have a small part of me in my painting to remember me by.

  10. Dinky Davis says:

    Thank you, just reading what everyone has written made me smile, painters
    are a great group, we are very lucky……………………..

  11. Linda Bourland says:

    I had wanted to paint when I was in junior high school but the teacher did not think I was artistic enough so she ignored me. I began taking painting lessons at the community center in 1973, I really was glad to find someone that was a good teacher. From then on I did a lot of painting. I was glad that I found out about the SDP back then it was NSTDP and I signed up. I am glad that I was able to go to conventions and take classes from so many teachers. I learned a lot from you when you were here in Oregon this summer. Thank you for all of your information. I enjoy your blog.

  12. Painting–colors make me happy!! Then to actually use those colors and create art work is like a miracle. Now add the friends you have made along the way–it is a wonderful life. Makes me smile just thinking about it.
    “I never get tired of the blue sky”–Vincent van Gogh
    Enjoy the journey everyone.

  13. Barbara Paetzel says:

    Ronnie, I love reading your comments! I believe like all our painting friends it keeps me focused on the positives in my life and I did not realize that until my dear late husband asked one day when other “things” had taken over my time “When are you going to start painting again?” and I snapped at him with “why?”. His response ” When you are not painting you really are “bitchy”. I have to agree and smile every time I remember that comment.

  14. CJ Reed says:

    I love deorative painting because I never thought I was artistic. Decorative painting taught that anyone can learn to paint. So, I really do love that we can celebate with DAM !

  15. Sharon Hudson says:

    It saved my sanity when bad things happened and now it is my escape. I can get lost in what I am painting and everything goes away but what I am painting.

  16. JoAnn Wolfer says:

    I love to see something come alive when you paint it amazes me with a stroke that it takes on its value

  17. lin tillman says:

    All of the above, for about 40 years of loving it now. With aging and aches
    pains and terrible NEUROPATHY, I find even drugs dont work as well as
    entering the right side of my brain and trying to create some wonderful design
    done by one of so many talented teachers over these years………..thanks to you all, you now really help me thru these last days…………now to just live LONG ENOUGH to get all those UFOs (at least the ones in the last 10 years) FINISHED.

  18. Ronnie says:

    Becky, the growing part is a big part of it for me too

  19. Becky Dewease says:

    I love it because there is always something new to learn and some new technique to try. You never quit growing and learning as a painter. I also love the joy I see when I give a painted piece to someone. There is nothing like it!

  20. Sandy Rowe says:

    Every reason I’ve read is true and the DAM thing is soooo good, but when I’m
    sketching or painting I know GOD has my hand and I’m always amazied at what
    comes on to my paper or piece. Also when I paint I sing in my head or outloud, I feel
    pretty, whitty and wise — It’s a happy place and everything is great in this world.
    Every wonderful teacher that shares their gift is a treasure soooo Ronnie thanks for
    shareing all that you do.!! You help us to sing.!! Oh and the wonderful gals and men
    who have the same passion and need that same theropy, WOW are we lucky .!
    Hugs Sandy

  21. Carol Mais says:

    I love creating something that everyone can enjoy, the chance to relax and escape the worries of the world around me. Most of all I appreciate the great group of friends I have made through decorative painting.

  22. CATHY HUNDER says:

    I love to paint because when completed, it gives you pride that you have accomplished something so beautiful

  23. Donna Tucker says:

    I love to paint because of the challenge! I learn a new technique and am thrilled I can do it. I remember every paint color but can’t remember the name of the person I sit next to at work! What’s with that!

  24. Jackie Gibson says:

    I love the building process from a paper design to a finished project. It is something tangible that lasts unlike much of the tasks in my daily life. And I love color! It lifts me up.

  25. Maude says:

    Because I’m a creative person and I have pleasure to paint a variety of project. I’m proud when i’m finish. And painting is very good for my brain and I don’t need a psy.

  26. quiltpainter says:

    I love the “DAM” thing, and I love painting. IT gets me “away”!!! I can go into my own world, and not be bothered by everyday mundane things.

  27. I love the “DAM” saying, Patty!
    I have a stressful job, and I enjoy painting because it helps to take away the stress and it’s a wonderful way to spend hours of my time. Sometimes I get carried away and meals are not prepared, and that’s when an understanding DH comes to the rescue since he knows how much my painting means to me.

  28. Marcy P says:

    What’s NOT to love about decorative painting? I have been painting for almost 30 yeasr and once started I have never looked back. Have loved it all.

  29. Connie Slautterback says:

    Painting fills and satisfies that restless part of my soul! Painting is the greatest therapy I know of; all problems make some kind of sense after a good painting session. If you throw in some good friends to paint, laugh and cry with it is just heavenly!

  30. Ronnie says:

    I couldn’t have said it better, Lindsay

  31. Betty Anne says:

    What I love about painting is the opportunity to leave a legacy for my family by painting family heirlooms. My ship painted at our recent seminar will be a gift for my son for Christmas who loves everything I paint. He will be telling his grandchildren that his Mother painted that long after I am gone and I will be remembered.

  32. Shirley Edmiston says:

    I love painting because it is my therapy. I can pick up a brush and emerse myself into my paints for hours. When my husband passed away I stopped painting for months. A dear on-line friend challenged me to do a gift exchange with her. Painting brought me out of my funk. Thanks Ronnie!

  33. Sharon Graham says:

    Oh Ronnie, what more can be said, you have covered all my reasons for painting. It really is a passion that gets you through so many of lifes not so pleasant events & just takes me to that happy place!! Please keep inspiring us with your talent.
    Hugs Sharon

  34. Dinky Davis says:

    I think all of us have many things in common. I like the creative part and it has allowed to meet many wonderful people that otherwise I would not have met.
    I have sold many of the items that I have painted so it give me some added funds
    for classes and supplies. It opened the door to SDP and my local Raindrop chapter.
    I have taking classes from many wonderful teachers, you being one of them and I have learned a lot and it fills my time with something that I really, really enjoy. But, I think the best thing are the nice people I have met and that I get to spend time with sharing something that we all enjoy……………….besides it something good to do
    in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Thanks for your blog Ronnie, it’s really good…………

  35. Connie Lanagan says:

    My love for painting means great friends , teachers, beautiful, fun painting and hearing my grandkids say: “My Grandma is an artist” !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Patty Halvorsen says:

    First of all, I love the ” DAM” thing….. I love the friendship part, who would of thunk….I have so many friends in so many places…….funny story, I was teaching a paper project in the most wonderful art shoppe you have ever been to in your entire life, in Roseville, Ca. One hour into this project we were painting with JoSonja paint and Crackle Medium… of my painting friends from upper New York should walk in. Susan was in town for a carving event with her hubby dear. His group CCA has a hand carved train with all the parts, people , dogs, cats, anyway you get the idea….on display at the train museum in Sacramento for the next year…..very cool, but getting back to the main story, I introduce Susan to my class, one of my students asked what town are you from…….and what would you think the odds of them being from the same place….Bingo…..upstate New York, which I’m going to guess is fairly rural ……all the way across the US….That’s what I love…how in the heck can that happen. Dd I tell you I love the DAM part ………. I also love that I will see you all the way to Pennslyvania in a couple weeks…..

  37. Carla Kincaid says:

    I have a friend who has been seeing a head doctor (shrink type doctor) for many years, since just after high school. I started painting. She tried several different religions. She moved to different parts of the country. I tried to introduce her to painting, but she could not see what I saw. I think my painting has fed my creative side which keeps me sane & stable. She never found either.

  38. Lindsay Bruns says:

    I love painting because it anchors me…it puts me in a tranquil and joyful place that brings peace to my soul. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so deep; I’m really not!

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