Kansas – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Fall is the Yellow time of the year.  Orange too, but here in McCune it’s mostly yellow.  We have these random pear trees.  They must have been planted by some of the old timers who farmed the land and planted fruit trees.  They must be a really hardy strain because there aren’t many things that can live here without constant supervision.  These trees seem to thrive, though.  And are they delicious!  Old Time flavor that is hard to describe.  There’s a tree in the field across the road from us and the owner of the field isn’t interested in them so we usually get as many as we want.  Yum, yum, and yum.  Aren’t they cute, too?  And no worms.  They are GOOD

All of the yellow you see in the fields is not sunflowers, even though we have many varieties blooming practically all the time.  Except in the winter, of course.  But this year Ragweed has taken over.
The worst we’ve had since I’ve been here.  20 years.
Apparently this is the worst year in forever.
I’m dyin here with allergy.
Two weeks now and no end in sight. Please pray for a freeze.  A hard one.
Living on allergy meds.
Not sleeping.
Playing Plants vs Zombies all night long.  And coughing.
Someone help!!
Ragweed is BAD.  To the max.


This is an Osage Orange.  Or Hedge ball, as the locals call them.
The Osage Orange is a native and the Indians used the very hard wood to make bows.
The kind you shoot arrows with.  Not the kind you put in your hair.
Just thought I’d clear that up.
They’re good for absolutely nothing although some people think if you put them under your house they’ll keep the spiders away.  Wrong.
God put them here, though.  So they must be good for something.  Bows, I guess.  But not the kind for your hair.
At first they’re bright green and you think you’re looking at a tree full of tennis balls.  Then they too turn yellow after they fall from the tree.  This one is just starting to turn.
They’re UGLY

So that’s my run down on the old Clint Eastwood movie.
Does it get any more interesting that this!!??

Hoping for a freeze,

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11 Responses to Kansas – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Patty says:

    Well now, we had this discussion many years ago, it looks like an Alien Brain to me……. nasty little hard green alien brains…….Leave them in Kansas when we see you later this month.

  2. Leah says:

    We are supposed to get a hard freeze in Idaho tonight, I will pray that it continues you way tomorrow. I have seen the osage orange, but didn’t know what it was… brains.

  3. Sherry Walker says:

    Well I would consider this day as The Good day as I received my doo dad in the mail from you. Thank you very much and it arrives at a time that I am doing a collage of autumn – pumpkin themed pictures, it will be added as part of this arrangement for my Living Room. Again thanks for all your Rambling I enjoy every minute of it.
    Happy Painting

  4. Donna Howard says:

    Ronnie, around here those osage orange balls are called hedge apples. They are all over. You are right, I put them all around inside my outbuilding to rid of spiders. It doesn’t work, the spiders crawl over them. Wish they would work on those pesky Asian beetles. Those are definitely a nuisance.

  5. I know the feeling, ragweed is thriving here in NY, been taking allergy meds all year, my little dog is even sneezing, something in the ground for the past week. Keep the kleenex handy

  6. Sharon Hudson says:

    In Texas we call them Horse apples. They fall off the Bois d Arc(bodart) tree. Horses eat them and they stink when they rot.I have several in the creek bottom at my house. There is a craft idea that I have seen where you take the horse apples, slice them and bake them. They turn brown and have some kind of design after baking but I have never done it. Funny how the same thing is known by different names in different parts of the country

  7. Ann says:

    Oh bless your heart allergic reactions are super awful, my son and I both suffer with reactions to grass and pine pollen plus rape seed pollen too. We tend to keep indoors when its at its height or when we travel we keep the car windows shut. I usually shampoo my hair every morning to get the pollen out of my fringe and eyebrows/lashes this helps a lot!! Love the look of those pears gosh I could just gulp one down now!! My little eating apple tree is dripping with fruit so much so that the branches are touching the ground………. Ellison Orange a very very old variety and my Dad had a tree in the garden when we were children we used to crawl on our tummys to steal one off the tree as they were so lush! Crisp and sweet no other apple has the flavour. Yup thats the queirest tennis ball Ive ever seen looks like a round brain. Oh well beauty is in the eye of the beholder………. I aint holdin it tee hee

  8. Jean Grimm says:

    My husband plants lot of flowers. On one side of the house there are plants that look like ragweed. I asked why in the heck he would plant those and she said for the color and beside these were sterile. Fifty-one years with him and his plants and I am still learning. Allergy headache for me today also.

  9. Maryann Cowans says:

    Ronnie you will love this. Last spring I found these lush, soft bicolored little plants that I thought would look nice a a bare spot around the house. So I planted them, we left for Wisconsin and when we came back guess what? It was Ragweed! Everyone has to do something stupid in their lives. This one was mine. LOL. Ragweed has been pulled thanks to hubby dear. Hope you have that freeze real soon I can’t imagine a whole field.

  10. Linda says:

    Ronnie, I will also pray for a freeze so your allergies will be better. My dad was allergic to rag weed. It is pretty when your going down the road and see all the yellow in the field! Your lucky for the pears, they do look yummy and bet you enjoy them! Now my SIL suffers from allergies and he now takes this nose spray once a day, and no problems. If you would like to know the name, let me know, and I will ask him. You have to get it from the doc., but would be happy to pass along the info to you!Anything that would help! You have been so kind to share all the info to us, it would be my turn to help you! Take care and God bless.

  11. Dinky Davis says:

    That’s something I have never seen, the osage orange, I mean. Thank you, you helped me to learn something new today. I looked up more information online about
    the orange. Your right not much good for anything. Sorry your feeling so bad I did read you might get some cold temps but don’t know if it will be cold enough to help.
    I hope you feel better sooner than later.

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