A Day In The Life………..

Hubby Dear is going to hate me after today.
But I just can’t resist.
I am compelled to tell you what we did last Friday.
First I have to tell you the part that will make HD hate me.

We have an above ground pool.  This was MY idea NOT HD’s.  He couldn’t care less about having a swimming pool.  I only managed to talk him into it the year he bought his Harley.  Tricky of me, huh?
The deck is just a little higher than the pool, facing South, and gets very hot.  So we have a couple of sun umbrellas on the deck to keep the sun off.  HD made weights/stands for the umbrellas by filling a couple of 5 gallon buckets with cement with a tube in the center where the umbrella could be planted.  Smart, huh?  Oh – and by the way – he painted them lawn furniture green to match the deck furniture.  He’s no slouch.

Here comes the not-so-smart part.  One VERY hot summer day three years ago HD decides to cool off in the pool.  It’s in the sun so to create some shade for himself he sits the umbrella AND the bucket on the edge of the deck.  Now this would have probably been fine, but he had the umbrella angled so it was not standing up straight.  It was windy that day.  It’s always windy in Kansas.
So yep, you guessed it.  The wind caught the umbrella and over it went into the pool.  I was sitting in the craft room watching him while doing some craft or another.  It was like slow motion.  I saw the umbrella go, jumped up, and ran out the door.  Just in time to see the bucket of cement fall with a thump to the bottom of the pool.  At the same time my heart fell to the bottom of my stomach.  You can probably guess what the sharp edge of that bucket did to the bottom of the pool!
My precious pool!!!  I’ve wished for you ALL my life.  I love you with all my heart.  What will I do without you?

HD says “WHERE IS THAT POOL PATCH KIT?!!!!!”  So with my heart aching and tears in my eyes, I run inside, grab the kit and we quickly read the instructions.  Hubby Dear gets the patch ready and jumps into the pool to apply it.  But he can’t stay on the bottom!!  Keeps floating to the top!!  He needs something to weight him down!!
So I jump into the pool – clothes and all – and stand on his back to hold him down.
Whew!!  The patch seems to be working so all is well and we go back to – whatever.

So now the patch has held for three years, but that’s about the life expectancy of a pool patch.  This summer – when the water was warm – I told him the patch was coming up on the edges and we should probably replace it before we closed the pool for the winter.
OH, procrastination – thou art my middle name.

Now the pool temperature is 68 degrees.  Not exactly ambient.  We’re finally closing the pool after trying 2 weeks ago but finding the new cover had holes in it and trying to get a replacement and waiting for it to arrive.
Friday was THE DAY.  HD had resigned himself to braving the cold water in order to save my precious pool.  This is definitely MY love language!
On the other hand, I didn’t see any reason why I should have to get into that cold water.
So when it came time he had it all arranged and laid out……more of my love language.
He would go down and remove the old patch and clean the area while I prepared the patch with the adhesive and handed it down to him.
And how would he stay down there long enough to get er done?  Well, I would stand on the edge of the deck and apply the long handled pool sweeper to his back and push him down and hold him down!
Can you picture it?!  Me.  Standing on the edge of the deck.  Holding my Hubby Dear down on the bottom of the pool with a long handled broom!  What a macabre feeling that was.
And if there had been a Google spy plane overhead taking pictures for Google Earth??? I’d be blogging from jail right now!!
Actually I really wish I COULD have had a photo of that!!!
Sorry about the bruises on your back Hubby Dear.

Love you guys!

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18 Responses to A Day In The Life………..

  1. Merry says:

    I just got around to reading this and I can so relate. Why is it that we know we will no longer get in the pool because the water has gotten too cold, yet we wait to put the cover on. When my husband uses the pool patch, he puts his scuba weight belt on to keep himself on the bottom and puts on his scuba mask. Good Christmas present…a weight belt!

  2. Linda says:

    Ronnie, your story, was very funny, I can relate to your story, sounds like something that would happen in my life, LOL! Sounds like hubby at least he has a sense of humor and that’s half the battle!

  3. Lynda Gaddy says:

    OMG!! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Thanks for a great ending to an otherwise pretty rotten day.

  4. Patty Halvorsen says:

    From Ron, not any where as great of any ideas I have done, but, I have done some really dumb things too. It is amazing what us HD,s will do for the loves of our life.

  5. carol says:

    too funny!!! you made me laugh 😉

  6. carol sicotte says:

    Thank you for making my day , carol

  7. CJ Reed says:

    That is a laugh out loud visualization — let me know if you ever need bail money.

  8. Leslie Thomas says:

    That story is hilarious. Thanks for the belly laugh!

  9. Cindy McDermott says:

    What a riot!!! I so love reading your blogs.

  10. Becky Dewease says:

    I love it!!! How funny!

  11. Lillian says:

    Ronnie, that was hysterical! Who needs a book when we have blogs like this! Keep them coming! Thanks!

  12. Jean Grimm says:

    That is the funniest real story I have read in a long time, the vivuals are priceless. Sounds like a Readers Digest story.

  13. Ann says:

    OMW I giggled and giggled about this Ronnie. what a predicament so lucky that your local policeman didnt decide to walk round the pool at that particular moment!! tee hee

    You are so fortunate to get your HD to do anything round the home……….. last week I spent 3 days clearing ivy from the front of our house wall (some of the vines were as thick as my wrist) but couldnt fetch off the last pieces so begged him to come out and clear the hardest pieces. It took him approx 1 hour and in that hour the local vergers wife came up the lane and congratulated him on what a good job he’d done of clearing it all………………..

  14. Patty Halvorsen says:

    O here I am trying to go to sleep just a quick email check OMG…..now I am laughing so hard I woke my hubby dear up, I try to explain the pool broom, the bruises, the patch, Kansas without a pool……no my hubby dear didn’t think it was so funny, I’m still laughing so hard the bed is shaking……nobody’s sleepin’ here tonight…..so much for a quick email check. Poor Jerry…..love you both……

  15. Joy Giger says:

    You’re terrible!
    ……Dad needs his own blog…..

  16. Connie Lanagan says:

    That was quite funny. I could just picture it all in my mind and laughing all the way.
    The things we do, most can not imagine. Good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hubby Dear deserves a medal. You are one lucky painter.

  17. Dinky Davis says:

    Boy Ronnie, Does that paint a picture. What a man and I bet he loves you a bunch.
    I think your both pretty lucky………………….

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