Fungus – Fungi?

I have a question.
How can you tell if a mushroom has gone “bad”?
When you buy (or pick) them they’re already disgusting.  All black spots and dirt and slimy stuff.  Eeeww.

So how do you know when it’s time to give them as a special gift to the trash man?
A few days ago I thought I would be a loving wife and bring some home for HD.  He loves them so I’ve been putting them in a few supper time dishes for him.  Mind you – I slice them large enough so I can pick them out!
Tonight it didn’t seem like they were quite as fresh as the day I brought them home.  But they still looked the same and I couldn’t really tell if they were too old.
Oh what the heck.
Just put them in anyway.
Once they’re fried up who knows the dif? Right?

My very smart computer is telling me dif is not a word.  But YOU know it is don’t you?

Anyway.  He ate them and didn’t complain.  He’s still walking around and just came in from putting the chickens away. I guess they were okay.

Speaking of mushrooms.  Back in the 70’s they were a very hot item to paint.  We painted mushrooms on everything.  Why did we do that?
I have so many questions about what we used to do in the old days.
Here are some mushrooms painted by Joan Johnson around 1970.  She was definitely the queen of blending.  Just look at those colors and the value gradations.

Here is a mushroom pattern by Jo Sonja from 1972.  Isn’t this just SO JO?

Here is a pencil sketch of mushrooms by Freda Brummett.  Her book was published in 1971.  There were no colored photos, but the book was full of beautiful pencil sketches.

Freda liked mushrooms so much she wrote a poem about them.

Ode to the Mushroom
by Freda Brummett
These fungi, or mushrooms, in their various forms,
Some edible, delicious, some to be scorned.
All quite beautiful, a sight to behold.
Don’t go around tasting, please! don’t be bold.
I just know for certain the lowly Morel,
My mouth waters now for the taste and the smell.
We picked them by baskets when I was a kid.
Under the oak trees in the forest they hid.
Early in spring they come up like a shot,
If one day it rains and the next day it’s hot.
Soak in salt water, roll ’em in flour.
Saute in butter one fourth of an hour.
Some people dip in egg batter and fry.
When I see them do this I suppress a sigh.
They try it’s distinctive taste to embellish.
But it covers the delicate flavor I relish.

Did I say Eeeww?
But it’s a lovely poem and a lovely drawing.
Bon Appetite

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14 Responses to Fungus – Fungi?

  1. Sonja Lee Sindell says:

    My daughter has been buying the frozen muschrooms and can just get a handful for her dishes and now, no more spoilage.

  2. Debbie says:

    Mushrooms should be dry when you buy them, and a breathable paper bag used to transport them.
    My Sister go mushrooming in the autumn, and freezes extras, to use later in casserole dishes.
    A quick and easy easy starter…large open cap (field) mushrooms filled with Stilton cheese,and wrapped in Parma ham, grilled. ..delicious!
    Loving the ramblings. Deb.

  3. Beth says:

    If they look like the ones in your picture they are past their prime already but still edible. Canned and fresh are like comparing grocery store tomatoes to those in your garden.

  4. Janet says:

    Ronnie, I don’t pick my mushrooms– i get them at the market, in a container, shrink-wrapped. And I do love mushrooms—usually just white button mushrooms. And I often wondered how long they were edible because as soon as you remove that shrink wrap, they don’t remain white for very long. From what I’ve read, brown color and spots are okay— slimy is not. So when they get that nice slick yucky feeling to them—out they go. I think I read somewhere that you should transfer them to a paper bag and keep them in the veggie drawer, but you don’t think I’ve actually tried that, do you?

  5. Sandy Rowe says:

    Hamberger’s, Stake and a beautiful salad all call for Onion’s and mushrooms.
    Saute them in butter — Yum, Yum. I guess I like them!!!, but not when their
    Scummy or slimy so I guess you just feel and throw out.
    One thing I know I enjoy your Blog and most certainly YOU.!!!!
    Hugs Sandy

  6. Jane Dillon says:

    I too LOVE mushrooms; but I buy them in a can; then I know they are good and not spoiled!

  7. Ann says:

    Hi Ronnie, I did laugh you either love em or ate sorry hate em!! As a child taking holidays at my Aunty’s dairy farm we used to pick them fresh from the field in the mornings when we hearded in the cows for milking and had them fried for breakfast sprinkled with vinegar and washed down with fresh warm from the cow milk!! a breakfast fit for a king!! I painted mushrooms on the end of a Herbs trug only last year!! BIL loves them so much he has a picture of them hanging in their living room!

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