Three words.
Hot.  Hot.  Hot.
I think I finally believe in global warming.  Actually I don’t know about the globe.  I for sure know it’s hot in Kansas.
Did I say it’s HOT!?
Too hot to do much of anything.  Even the pool is too hot to be refreshing.
Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining.  I’m thankful we aren’t having out of control fires or floods.  My heart goes out to anyone suffering with those horrible conditions.
I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to leave my home on a moment’s notice knowing it would probably not be there when I came back.
Thank you, Lord, for your protection and please be with those who are in peril and distress.

Since I’m staying in mostly these days I did manage to meet the SDP 2013 Conference submission deadline.  I sent my paperwork and photos off today.  The deadline.  There’s no point in hurrying things.  Right?

Next is the fall deadline for the Raindrop Chapter Convention.  I’m excited to think I might have some things finished ahead of time.  Woo Hoo

Since I can’t show you what I’ve been painting I thought you might like to see this little pin cushion I needle felted for my daughter-in-law, Kalen.  Now that she has received it for her birthday I can put it on the blog.  I never know when she might be checking out the blog.

I really love needle felting.  It’s the least expensive and requires the least amount of “stuff” of all the hobbies I have.  All you need is a foam pad, some felting needles, and some wool roving.  Oh.  And don’t forget the imagination.
I also really like it because I can easily work on it in the living room while watching TV with Hubby Dear.
There is no sewing or stuffing or any of that boring stuff.  Just poking at the wool with a needle.  Kind of like sculpting.
Maybe you would like to see a couple of other things I’ve felted too.  Just for fun.  Cuz I love to show off.

Okay okay that’s enough showing off.
See you next time.

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25 Responses to Deadlines

  1. Patty says:

    I love the porky-pine in the shoe it is too cute…….

  2. Mileah Hall says:

    These are awesome. Everything you do is cool!

  3. Pam Murphy says:

    I love your sharing the felting projects – well ,you know it takes alot for me to contribute to the conversation but you better pack that Joyce Howard pattern with you when you come to Portland in August !! I am keeping the 16th open ~ and looking so forward to it ~ Pam

  4. Jean grimm says:

    Yes! Would love to see a video of how this done. Did you take a class ? I especially love the bunny. You are so blessed with many talents.

  5. Marilyn Teegarden says:

    I love your felting, as you know. I’m going to do this “some day”. Keep it up. I really like to see it. Also, all of your painting.

  6. Connie Lanagan says:

    Loved them all Ronnie. So darn stinkin cute. You should be very proud of all your work.

  7. Judy Carlson says:

    Lucky, lucky Daughter in Law! Your BA friend gave me a little bear that I treasure. Guess I will have to add needle felting to my bucket list. Please keep showing off. Love it.

  8. Gracie says:

    OH MY GOSH! The Sheep is soooooo cute! I LOVE IT! 🙂

  9. lin tillman says:

    good newletter, Ronnie….after all these years, just found it;9)
    Carolina smiles,
    Lin Tillman

  10. Sandy Rowe says:

    I LOVE them, you do real good Mam.!!!
    Keep on having a good time.
    It’s been raining here ( FL. ) for a month — everything is green, but now it’s-
    time to send it to Col. their having a horriable time . My Sister and family are there
    please pray for all.
    Can’t wait to see what picture they choose, then we get to see what you’ve been
    working on. Hugs Sandy

  11. Beth Weiss says:

    You are so multi talented! I just love the little animals and especially the fruit and flower basket. Your daughter-in-law is very fortunate. I wish we were related….

  12. Kathy Chicoski says:

    You can cool off nicely in new england if you come to NET!

  13. kathleen campisano says:

    Love It. You can show more!!!

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