No Chiggers Please

Today I went to the dentist for my 6 month check up and cleaning.
There was a problem.
I didn’t have an appointment.
I used to have an appointment.
But then I got a note in the mail telling me my appointment was cancelled
Then I got a phone call to reschedule.  Darn!  I was just going to let it go.
I wrote the time on the calendar.  But I wrote it for the wrong Tuesday.  I mean Thursday.  Tuesday was the original day.  Then it was Thursday.  But it’s actually NEXT Thursday.
Did you ever do that?

The good part is that while I was driving home I stopped to take pics and cut some wild flowers alongside the road.
These flowers were close enough to the road so I didn’t have to walk into the tall grass.
Please God, Don’t let me have chiggers

Our little Brown Eyed Susans just grow everywhere.  So pretty.

A lot of people think the Queen Ann’s Lace is just a weed.  But it sure is beautiful.

Then I picked some of the Plains Coreopsis to put in my crock vase.
But Wait.
In Kansas you have to spray them with Raid before you bring them into the house.
That’s okay.  I still love them.

That’s about all I’ve got for today.
I started another “convention” project today.  Gee I wish I could show them to you.  I think the selection committee makes the selections in August.  After that I can show you the pics.
I sure hope they will select one or two so I can go to Illinois in May!

Have you picked any wild flowers lately?

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7 Responses to No Chiggers Please

  1. lin tillman says:

    Ronnie………….Jimmy buffett(big fans here) has a great song written by
    maybe John Prine, called “Wildflowers”
    something liike “you belong among the wildflowers…you belong wild
    and free:………….you’d love it. The one he does fo rme is “She’s still
    a Hula Girl At Heart) 😉

  2. Patty says:

    No wild flowers here, went out in the yard with a bottle of Roundup and got up close and personal with anything that wasn’t an Orange tree, Quamquat, or lawn grass. Ah weeding Patty style. Used the hedger on the spearmint took it down to the ground and it’s nice and full and thick now.

    I love the wild flowers in Kansas, when we come to paint with you, they are B-U-TI-FUL I wish everyone could see them. It is a perfect reason to come to Kansas in addition to painting is see the great wild flowers.

  3. Pam Robinson says:

    love your wild flower pictures. we live in the country and every year we put off mowing the grass untill the wild irises have bloomed, right now we have daisies so still a lot to mow but it can wait untill they are done. The other night my hubby called me out to look at them in the moon light it was sooooo beautiful…

  4. Loretta Graf says:

    Love the wild flowers. My side yard is a wild flower garden. I’ve tried and tried to get Queen Anne’s Lace to grow there but so far to no avail. I’ve even sent for seeds and they grow one year and quit on you. I also have hundreds of daffodils in there so in the spring is gorgeous. Flowers make our soul sing. Thank you.

  5. Ann says:

    Hi Ronnie, Love the composition my sister has just given me an awesome casserole dish with lid in that treacle glaze so am thinking up compositions to paint that next…. still working on the cupboard doors…………… x

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