The Worst Day of the Year!

Hey Painters!
Yes!  Today is the worst day of the year.  The day we closed the swimming pool.  It just doesn’t want to warm up enough once the weather cools.  And even though it’s pretty warm during the day, it cools too much at night and 66 degrees just isn’t warm enough for me to jump in. Bbbbrrrr

So I guess that’s the official end of summer at my house.  Well…….not really.  There will still be plenty of warm days to enjoy.  But I’m looking forward to those colder days when we have no choice but to stay in and paint.
I’ve gotten started already and I think my newest project is coming along nicely.  Here’s just a sneak peek.  I’ll have the packet ready very soon.

In the meantime, have you looked at the sale packets on the website?  There might be something you need at half price!
When it gets cooler I also start thinking about wool projects.  I hope to show you a few needle felted projects this year.  It might be something you would like to try. It’s easy and fun and one of the less expensive hobbies.
I know some of you are still in trouble either with too much water or with fires.  My thoughts are with you.  I can’t do anything about your troubles, but just know that I do care, and I pray for those of you who live in the stricken areas.
Stay well, and get those brushes busy


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