A Little News – But Not Much

This week we are celebrating one year in Florida.
Looking back, I am amazed that we actually did it.  It wasn’t easy.  Even after selling and giving away most of our “stuff” we still had two huge U Haul trucks to drive from Kansas, one of them pulling a trailer with the pick up truck and also driving my car.  What a week!
Then when we got here there was so much work to do to the house.

We had never set foot in the house until the day we took possession, so it was like living in a motel, or visiting friends for the first few months.  The remodel was exhausting but turned out very nice.

So now I finally feel like this is my home and not someplace that I am visiting.
Oh don’t get me wrong……there is still a lot of work to do.  I haven’t even painted the master bedroom yet.  And you should see the pink curtains in there!  HD’s favorite!
But it is coming along nicely and I think I’ll have most of the work done by the end of this summer.

I’m just itching to do some more videos for you, but we haven’t figured out a way to rig up the video cam yet.  But all in good time.

I have found a wonderful painting teacher!!  I have not been in a weekly class for years and years.  So I’m so excited to be sitting in that student chair again and I’m soaking up everything this teacher can tell me.  She can paint just about anything, but kind of specializes in portraits.
As you know, I have been working on portrait painting for some time now.  I’m not sure just why – except that it is so challenging and something new for me……well in the last few years, anyway.

I’m working on several grandchildren, and have just completed this one of Amy.  She was delighted to get it for her 16th birthday this year.

Beautiful Amy

Beautiful Amy

I’m continuing to work on the project for the class at Heirlooms From The Heart in October and I’ll show you a pic of that next week.  I don’t know exactly why it’s taking me so long, but I really do have it almost finished.

I’ll be teaching a one day class here in Spring Hill on June 23 and I’m looking forward to painting with the local painters.  Let me know if you are interested in that class.  We’re painting the “Apple Basket”

Apple Basket

Apple Basket

In September I’ll be teaching “Daybreak”in the Orlando FL area.  Contact me if you are interested.



Happy Summer!

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16 Responses to A Little News – But Not Much

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Gorgeous painting Ronnie!! I love it! What a special gift for Amy. My grandmother took up painting in her late 80’s and painted a landscape for each of her 13 children. I was lucky enough to get the one for my late uncle. I cherish the painting and feel that Grandma is always with me. I know Amy will always cherish your painting of her.

  2. Connie Lanagan says:

    The portrait of Amy is so beautiful. Wonderful job on that.

  3. Patti Keeler says:

    Perfection is the only word for that portrait !! Cant wait to see you at Heirlooms . Donna and I are on seminar withdrawal lol.. Have a great summer !

  4. Ann says:

    Oh Ronnie you are really coming on with your portraiture love the Amy as its got so much light in her skin and very accurate well done!! Wish I could pop over to join you for a class or two but we still havent really settled and will be moving at the end of October ourselves. Making friends and enjoying where we are now but so missing the comaraderie of fellow painters!! Never mind I am in the middle of a project – European Bee Eaters!! whatever next………… I still have a portrait to finish of our son and its been sitting for at least 5 years now. Sending hugs x

  5. Jane Dillon says:

    I’m beginning to feel the same way you did when you moved. We are going to move to WI next Summer from VA. It will be quite a change. I will miss my beautiful art room Lew built for me the most. We will be taking our two rescue cats and that will be a challenge too for us. But being close to the grandchildren will be worth it all! Do you know any WI artists? I am also looking for a china painting group and a gourd club. Any suggestions you might have will be welcomed Ronnie!

  6. Betsy Queen says:

    Beautiful Amy she is… And your painting is too. Betsy

  7. phyllis spaw says:

    Holy smokes the portrait of your granddaughter is so good if looks like a photograph!!! Beautiful!!

  8. Patty says:

    Dang she sure has grown up now hasn’t she…. Beautiful painting of her. Hummm weekly class of portraits, that sounds fun. Isn’t that a change from a couple years ago.

  9. Loretta Graf says:

    Beautiful painting of your grand daughter. You go girl.

  10. Sue Persinger says:

    Your portrait is beautiful. I am happy to see you are painting again and looking forward to seeing more of your new paintings. I painted the sea captain trunk with you many years ago and it is one of my favorite pieces.

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