Prep Day(s)

Hello Painters
Well, we’ve started the countdown.  Only 4 days left before I leave for Wichita.  I think I have it under control but there are always those last minute ideas.  This year I’ve decided to try painting a little project during down time in the booth.  I needed just a little one so I thought since the deadline to submit for teaching at next year’s Conference is looming large, I would work on something to submit.  So I had that little piece to prep.  I can’t show it to you, though, because it – what do they call it – pollutes the jury pool!  So it will have to be a surprise later.
We spent the last two days prepping for my class at Conference, and let me tell you – I’m glad I’m only doing one this year!  And in case you wondered why some of the teachers take time off from teaching at Conference once in a while – here’s why:

For my project the first thing was to stain the paper so it wouldn’t look brand new.  Did you know Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium mixed with paint makes a wonderful paper stain?   It doesn’t destroy the paper like water and it dries quickly.

Next we use the sponge roller to apply glue to the boards – have to make sure every square inch has glue on it.

Now comes the paper and rubbing and rubbing to make sure there are no air bubbles.  A brayer works really well for this, but I happen to have this handy computer screen cleaner that works just as well.

Oh Yea – we’re working hard!

Just to make sure the paper will shrink back and not form wrinkles I use a hair dryer to heat it up while pressing the paper down.  (you don’t see me pressing the paper down because I’m holding the camera in my other hand!!)

Then comes the sanding block at an angle to remove the excess paper from the edges.  At least I got to go outside for this step.

Jo Sonja’s All Purpose Sealer.

The oval has to be painted blue – using a stencil sprayed with a tiny bit of spray glue helps a lot.

Everyone gets their pattern drawn on to save time in class.

And into the box they go!

Now for the pattern packets for each student.
So you can see it’s not just a “pack your brushes and go” kind of thing.  Teaching a class at Conference takes a lot of preparation.  But the students are so worth it!!  And the classes are so much fun!
Oh sure – I just got a note from SDP that Josh Groban is preforming in Wichita on Saturday night.  I sure wish I had known that a while ago.  Wouldn’t you just love to hear him in person?!
Okay, enough rambling.  Gotta go put another coat of varnish on my pattern packet samples.
I guess you know how busy my brushes are – what about yours?
As ever, Ronnie
Oh – by the way – did you know if you hover over the photos in my posts you will see a little caption?  Sometimes a little tidbit of information, and sometimes just plain nonsense.  So Hover Away!

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