A New Twist

I know – I’m a painter!  But did you know I also have lots of other hobbies?
For many years I was in denial about my interest in the paper crafts.  Then I made the mistake of trying it.  And the rest (as they say) is history.

My dear friend Patty Halvorsen was so helpful in teaching me the art of paper.  Patty knew no limitations in her painting or in her creativity with paper, and we spent many hours having fun making art. She has now passed away and I miss her so much.  But I think she would be proud of what she helped me to create!

Sometimes I love the product I am creating so much I just can’t stop making them.  That’s when it’s time to sell some things to make room for more.  So I’ve put some of the latest creations in the Country Store on my website for you to see.  (and buy)

Check out the videos and see what you think.  All of these treasures are available and on sale on my website in the Country Store.  Just click here. You can also see the videos on the site.

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Time Marches On

Well, here I am again playing catch-up.  No excuses…………

I’ve been busy painting and also creating some paper crafted projects.  Today I met with my First Friday Artist friends and as usual, we had a lot to share and we also got in a little painting time.

The challenge for this month was Foreign Buildings.  These challenges are wide open.  You can interpret the subject any way you want – colored pencil, water color, pen and ink, charcoal, oil, acrylic, mixed media, – whatever.  You get the point.

I had seen some paintings rendered in an unusual style and have been thinking for some time about trying my hand at it.  So I found my pictures of England and decided to paint St Peter’s Church at Edensor.   I painted the entire canvas black, then worked the color into each element, leaving dark edges.  I worked several layers with glazes and also replacing the black occasionally  where needed, then working color into the black again so the whole thing wouldn’t look outlined.  So – for good or bad – here is the result.


And here are my friends with their paintings too.  I hope you enjoy their beautiful paintings.

You may have seen the pics from last month.  The challenge was Glass.  Oh boy!  I had fun with this one!


So I might as well throw this one in too.  This was the challenge for December.  We didn’t meet in January.


We all got the same photograph and we rendered the scene or parts of the scene in any way we wanted.

Next Month – BIRDS!

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Last night I published a blog note but it doesn’t look like the email note was sent to my subscribers.  So tonight I am sending just a quick note to test the site and see if an email will be sent.  You don’t have to do anything except open the email notification if you get one.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.



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Hot Off My Easel

I told you I am in a learning mode didn’t I!?  Well, this one took me a while, but oh I had so much fun.  And I learned so much.

Meet Elliot and his chicken.  I found him on the internet and tracked down the photographer for permission to paint him.  I painted him on a 16″ X 20″ canvas with Golden Heavy Body Acrylic.  When I had most of the work finished, I switched to Golden Open Acrylic for the final bit of tints and shading on the flesh.  I like the open paint for those final steps because it stays wet long enough to blend, and it’s also a little more transparent so it’s easier to apply just a little at a time.

I can’t do a pattern for this one or teach it.  It is painted with permission for my personal use.

The photographer’s name is Lisa Holloway  You can see her beautiful work here http://ljhollowayphotography.com
Get ready for a feast of eye candy!


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Time for me to post some photos of what I’ve been painting for the last year.  Yes – I have been painting – just not doing a lot of designing for pattern packets.

I am definitely in a learning mode right now and I’m enjoying experimenting with new things.

I switched from Jo Sonja Acrylics to Golden Open Acrylics a few years ago.  After experimenting with the Open paint for a few years I decided to try the Golden Heavy Body.  I think I found my sweet spot.
I’ve been using the Heavy Body for most of my painting and if I need to add final tints and glazes for the finishing touches I’ve been using the Golden Open.  This system seems to be working well for me.
I am really enjoying the painting I’m doing now.

You haven’t seen me paint very many flowers, but I enjoyed painting this one along with the water and the glass.
The rose is cut from the bush just outside our front door.   I set up the still life and then took photos to work from.  After trying the draped background I decided I like the simple background better.










I’ve had this old frame for many years, looking for the right thing to put in it.  The sheep by the stream seemed to work just right.
For my reference I used a photo from a website for painters called “Paint My Photo”, where you can find many photos submitted by people from all over.  These photos can be used by painters and are copyright free.  It’s a nice resource for finding lots of different things and scenes to paint.  Check it out here https://www.pmp-art.com
If you join, you can post your own photos and also the paintings you do from the photos.

The last one for today is a portrait of my daughter, Joy.  Trying to capture that “certain” look of your loved one can be a real challenge.  This one took me quite a while with lots of tweaks and corrections.  But I loved the challenge










Then I tried it again and kept this one for myself

That’s all I’ve got for now.

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